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Real estate photography, yacht photography and construction photography by Michael Laurenzano
9250 A1A Aerial Overhead View9250 A1A Aerial North View9250 A1A Aerial West View9250 A1A Aerial East View9250 A1A Aerial South View9250 A1A Hallway lower level 39250 A1A Hallway lower level 49250 A1A Hallway lower level-29250 A1A Hallway upper level9250 A1A east view9250 A1A north west view9250 A1A south east view (2)9250 A1A front9250 A1A south west view9250 A1A north front 29250 A1A south east view9250 A1A south side and parking9250 A1A south view 29250 A1A south view close9250 A1A south view